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Welcome to my Little House Fan-site!
     Ahh, Little house on the Prairie. When my parents first told me to watch that show, I was like...."Ha. You're kidding, right?" I thought that only the 70's/80's generation would find it entertaining. But now? Not a chance. Or so I thought....  I watched my very first episode sometime in June, 2009. I started watching my first episode around season 5, so I didn't really get who was who, or what was going on. But my Mom kept on convincing me to keep watching. I sighed and thought, "Okay, lets just get this over-with." I started watching one, then another, then another...
And I suddenly loved it.
     I finished the whole series. For those of you that didn't watch all the seasons(like from 9th to 10th), I'm not going to spoil it for you(I'll warn you when you're about to come across a spoiler lol.) I've got something to say about the 10th season(which are the post-movies), it'll prob show up later on in my site. Basically, Little House is amazing :) And I created this site as an appreciation toward the series.
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Little House on the Prairie Set Location

     The set is beautiful! So much stuff was filmed there, when you keep watching the series, it feels like a second home. Little House was filmed in Simi Valley, CA at Big Sky Ranch. Many western movies were filmed there, Little House being the most popular. Did you know that some of the episodes were historical events that happened in the past? For example, Laura Ingalls Wilder was a real person who lived in the old times, and she wrote a book called Little House on the Prairie, and that's how the show started. 

     Anyway, (SPOILER!!!) I would have loved to visit the whole town, but in the last episode(post-movie), I read about how Michael Landon didn't want others to use his set for their movies, so in that episode, he decided that the town should be blown up, to completely end the show. When you see the last episode, you'll know why. BUT, the original "Little House" was not blown up. Michael Landon didn't want the original house to be used by others either, so a cast member took the original house to his private property, IDK if this is a rumor or not. I found out that very few things from the set were still there, but unfortunately the California fire in 2003 occurred near the filming area, and destroyed some stuff, including the house? I'm not sure if they still have it, or if it's open to the public, but it'd be cool to visit the location someday.

PS: Here's some info of the set location, or how you could visit what's left of the set:

Little House News

Hi Everybody!! On July 22-24 2010 Laura Ingalls Wilder Days took place in Pepin, Wisconsin. Fans got to meet Dean Butler and Melissa Sue Anderson more info on this exciting event here: 

 Happy 86th Birthday to Richard Bull! -Wow!

Richard Bull(Nels Olson), storekeeper  of The Mercantile and husband of Harriet in Little House, will be 86 in a few weeks, born June 26th, 1924! Above is a picture of him and Katherine McGregor(Harriet Olson). I think this photo is pretty recent.

 Melissa Gilbert's Birthday! May 5th

She was an amazing actress on Little House, playing the lead character of Laura Ingalls. Happy Birthday Melissa Gilbert!!

 Little House on the Prairie-Journey in the Spring

Since it's spring, I just figured "Hey? Why not?" lol Enjoy this seasonal episode!

 Melissa Sue Anderson and Alison Arngrim New Book Releases!

Hey all! If you love the stars of Little House, and love to read, then you're gonna love this! Alison Arngrim's new book, "Confessions of a Prairie B**ch: How I Survived Nellie Olson, and Learned to Love Being Hated" will be released on June 22, 2010. And Melissa Sue Anderson's book "The Way I See It: A Look Back at My Time on Little House" will be released on June 15, 2010. If you just can't wait, and wanna order in advance, click these links:

"The Way I See It: A Look Back at My Time on Little House":

"Confessions of a Prairie B**ch: How I Survived Nellie Olson, and Learned to Love Being Hated":

Merry Christmas!

 Yay! Christmas is only a few days away!  Adam and Mary return to Walnut Grove for Christmas, and they all share their stories of their younger days. Enjoy this sweet holiday special!

 Michael Landon: Memories With Laughter and Love

In this 11 part interview, Michael Landon talks about his life, family, and Little House series. Filled with bloopers, and interviews from other cast members. Enjoy this special interview from the man who created the most memorable shows in history!

Happy Birthday Matthew Laborteaux! (2009)

It was Matt's birthday a few days ago(December 8)! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

With Thanksgiving only a few days away, I thought I might add a video for this holiday. The characters share their memories of earlier episodes, and how thankful they are to be with each other. Hope you enjoy this great Little House on the Prairie Thanksgiving Special!

 Wanna Send Fan Mail to Your Fave Star?

Wouldn't it be soo cool if you got a letter back from your favorite star? Most of these are right, but some I'm not too sure about. Here are some fan-mailing addresses (I'll try adding more later): PS, if you do send a letter, and get a reply because it was the right address, could you please let me know by commenting below? I want these addresses to be accurate, thanks!

(Laura Ingalls Wilder)

Melissa Gilbert

PO Box 57593

Sherman Oaks, California 91413


(Nels Olson)
Richard Bull
750 North Rush Street
Apartment 1903
Chicago, IL 60611-2581

(Harriet Oleson)
Katherine MacGregor  
1900 N. Vine St., #306, 
Los Angeles, CA 90068

(Albert Ingalls)

Matthew Laborteaux

167 W. 72nd St.

Manhattan, NY10023

(Nellie Olson)

Alison Arngrim

PO Box 98

Tujunga, CA

(Almanzo Wilder)

Dean Butler

1310 Westhlome Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90024-5016

(Andy Garvey)

Patrick Laborteaux

8916 Ashcroft Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90048

 Little House Stars- Official Websites

Some official websites of the stars from Little House on the Prairie. Check them out!  (Melissa Gilbert)  (Matthew Laborteaux-Created by fans)  (Lindsey and Sidney Greenbush)  (Alison Arngrim)  (Alison Balson)

 Happy Birthday Michael Landon!!

Michael Landon would've been 73 on October 31, 2009. He will always be remembered for his amazing shows and wonderful sense of humor!! No one will ever forget him! This is an old photo of him in his younger years.

 Little House Episode: The Halloween Dream

Happy Halloween everyone!! Just thought I'd add this episode of Little House. It's when cute little Albert has a dream about Native Americans trying to take over Walnut Grove. It's really sweet! (PS: if you want to see all the parts, just click on the video, and it'll take you to youtube)

Little House on the Prairie- The Musical

From now till 2010, they are selling tickets for Little House on the Prairie the Musical! Melissa Gilbert(Laura Ingalls), is now acting as "Ma" in the play. For showtimes/locations go to this website:

 Great News! DVD Release Set!

 I just read about some awesome news! Little House on the Prairie has come out (like ALL the episodes) in one huge DVD set in November, 2008! Apparently, they  want to  introduce this amazing show to this generation of people! Yes, finally this show is gonna be out there! And once they start watching it, they'll be hooked lol! I just know it!! More info about this here:

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