Look Back to Yesterday- Little House Stars Before and After

 Sometimes, time goes by so fast, that it seems like only yesterday....This page shows some of the stars' younger days. How they looked then, and how they look now. We all grow older eventually, but I'm pretty sure we'd still show a hint of our younger selves. Some of the stars have resemblance of their younger years. Can you spot the child inside?  :D PS: The name of this page is dedicated to one of the final post-movie series of Little House, "Look Back to Yesterday". <3

 At left, Melissa Gilbert (Laura Ingalls) is age 14. At right is Melissa, age 45. The most recent pic is when she attended an event an NYC last week.

 One of my fave actors, Matthew Laborteaux(Albert Ingalls)!! At left, I think he was like, 15? At right, this pic was taken not too long ago, about 3 years back? Yup, I definitely see the kid inside lol! 

 Here are two pics of Allison Arngrim, who played Nellie Olson. 

 Pictures of Allison Balson(Nancy Olson).

 Pics of Lindsey Sydney Greenbush(Carrie Ingalls).

 Pics of Melissa Sue Anderson(Mary Ingalls).

 Dean Butler as Almanzo Wilder.

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