My Most Memorable Episodes

Okay, just to let you know, this page is full of SPOILERS. Basically, it shows you what little house on the prairie episodes I remember and love most. Some episodes I can remember better than others. PS: There's no order of my favorite/memorable episodes(like what's my first memorable, or what's my second..) Oh, and if you would like to see more of the episode, click on it and it should take you directly to youtube.

 The Lord is My Shepherd Parts 1 and 2

     (In Season 1)This episode was about Laura climbing a mountain-top. She felt guilty that she didn't pray for her little brother because she wanted a little sister instead. Laura felt jealous because she didn't want her dad spending more time with a new son instead of her. Her brother died the next day. 

     So she decided to search for God on top of a mountain, because Reverend Alden(the priest of the church) said that you can find forgiveness and get closer to God at the highest point(which Laura took a little too literally). She meets a nice man who takes care of her, and talks some sense into her on the mountain. He said that it wasn't her fault for her brother dying, it was God's decision. The man, Jonathan said that if she tried really hard, she could find him. Laura wanted to somehow "trade" herself in so her brother could live. Jonathan made some events happen so Charles(Laura's dad) could find her. Finally, Laura sees God's decision(though she doesn't realize it at first until Jonathan tells her). He convinces her that it's alright, that's how things were meant to be and none of it was her fault. When Charles finds Laura, he couldn't believe Laura was still looking alright after 4 days. But Laura tells her dad that she didn't look after herself, it was Jonathan. She starts calling for him, but he disappeared. Sudden realization hits Charles and Laura that God came as Jonathan. This episode was my one of my faves and most memorable because it shows you not to be afraid, that things happen in life and all you can really do is still remember and love, but move on. 

 Back To School Parts 1 and 2

     (Season 6)In this episode(I'll have to admit it's pretty funny), it's a new school-year and Laura and Nellie are at it again. They always fight with each other(Nellie normally starting most of the drama). And this time, it's over a boy, Almanzo Wilder(and according to most people, they thought he was too old for Laura).

      Laura "saw" him first, before Nellie, but when Mrs. Olson(Nellie's Mom) sees him, she just HAS to invite him over for supper and the new Nellie's Hotel and Restaurant(did I mention they're rich?). Anyway, Laura sees what it's coming to, so she decides to "volunteer" at the restaurant and cook for Nellie and Almanzo(Nellie doesn't know how to cook yet, so she decides to take Laura's credit). Ahh, but Laura knew she would, so she purposefully made the food really bad, and when Nellie told Almanzo that SHE did the cooking, before they even tasted it, he thought it was Nellie's fault. Oh well, Almanzo never really liked her anyway. 

     Nellie gets revenge by giving Laura the wrong notes to study for her test to become a teacher. Once Laura takes the test and realizes that nothing she studied for was on it, she was furious. Just because Nellie didn't pass didn't mean that she had to fail too. After the test, she runs away crying by a tree near a mud pile. Nellie starts taunting her and saying "So, how was the test? Aww, didn't you study the right stuff?". Laura had enough, her tomboy side took over. She grabbed her and pushed her into the mud pile. And there they were, screeching, having a cat-fight. This is when the famous Laura and Nellie Mudfight happened lol. Then Almanzo comes along and saves the day. He sees Laura and Nellie in a mud fight. He grabs Laura who was shouting and kicking, and tells her to calm down. Nellie thought that Almanzo was finally seeing Laura as an immature baby, and wanted her instead. Well, until Almanzo ended up carrying Laura away in his wagon and left Nellie in the mud pile, she threw the biggest fit! 

     Meanwhile, back at the restaurant when Nellie comes back screaming of how Almanzo liked Laura instead, and started spreading a rumor of how Laura and Almanzo were kissing, Charles is there. And when he hears about that, he's really mad. Before he left to get Laura, his wife says to pleas not do anything stupid. Once he reaches Almanzo's house, he slaps him, and Laura cries and says "Why are you doing this?!" Apparently Charles assumed the worse. When Laura tells him that Almanzo just gave her a kiss on the forehead for good luck on her test, then things get from bad to embarrassing. Eventually, Laura gets over it, and talks to her father. They both agree that it was Nellie's fault. This episode was one of my favorites because it shows that all of us go through embarrassing moments eventually. Plus, it was funny-I love comedy! :D

The Legend of Black Jake

     In this episode, (I think it was season 8, was definitely an lol episode) two criminals come to Walnut Grove. But they're not your average sleuth/bad-guy type. More like your average idiots/they-actually-care-about-others type. Anyway, they see Nels(Mrs. Olson's husband) and kidnap him. They demand that Harriet pays $100 dollar-ransom. And if she doesn't Nels will die. But greedy Harriet cares more about the money, and refuses to pay. 

     Nels can't believe it, and neither can the "criminals". He decides to side with the "criminals" but not for stealing, for getting revenge on his wife. They leave a letter for Harriet saying Nels has died. Harriet does feel a tinge of guiltiness, but the criminals come for her too. Except when they kidnap her, Nels(who's really alive) doesn't reveal that to Harriet. Instead, he dresses up(in a black hood and mask) as the criminals' leader, Black Jake. He scares Harriet at night when he disguised himself as a ghost in gunpowder saying "You have a lot of explaiinning to doo when you come up here Harreiitt!". Harriet faints of course. But boy, Nells has a good laugh. Eventually, almost everyone in town gets kidnapped(well, the adults at least), because the "criminals" still want $100 before they release them. Eventually Charles, Reverend Alden, and Doc Backer get the money, but the not-so-hard-hearted criminals loose the money. They soon give up and set the townspeople free. In the end, Nels comes home, Harriet faints again, and his son, Willie says,"Dad, can we go fishin'?". This episode is hilarious, I suggest you watch it! :D

 The Reincarnation of Nellie Parts 1 and 2

     This episode is one of my faves(season 8)! So, Mrs. Olson's daughter Nellie has grown up, got married, and moved to New York. She misses her so bad, she just can't let go. She completely breaks down when she gets a letter saying that Nellie was staying in New York for good. Nels knew that there was only one thing to help her...get another daughter. So they go to Sleepy Eye(one of the closest towns to Walnut Grove-more like a city) adoption center. Harriet sees all these sweet little boys and girls, all smiles. She doesn't want any. 

     Well, until Nancy comes crashing through the adoption center. Mrs. Olson knew that she was "the one". Nancy was the only one who reminded her of Nellie by her attitude. She bribes her to come and live with her. And yes, she's elected Walnut Grove's new and improved spoiled brat. Willie didn't take the news very well either, his older sister moves out, and now his mom brings him another one. Nancy starts to cause trouble and chaos in the school, including locking a girl in the ice house just so she could get the lead role of a play, so Laura(she's now Walnut Grove's teacher) tells the class to teach her a lesson, but in a positive way, not physically bullying(Nancy wasn't in class at that time). Oh yeah, and Nancy had a little crush on Albert in the beginning, and got jealous. Her lesson was learned(but she didn't change much) when the class said that she would be elected the class mermaid in the mermaid booth in their class-carnival. It turned out that you had to throw water balloons at the bulls-eye so Nancy could get dunked in the dunk tank. I love this episode cause its funny(duh :D) and is actually fun to watch with your family. You'll LOL for most of this episode!  

Growin' Pains

     I love this episode(season 8)! Albert's adopted younger brother James,  wants to be more like Albert. He starts to annoy him by following him around in school, and even steals his razor blade lol! He really looks up to Albert, and wants to grow too fast. When James was using Albert's razor blade, he accidentally broke it. He doesn't tell Albert right away, because he's afraid he'd be mad. A few days later, his family walks into the Mercantile, and James does the un-thinkable. He steals a brand-new razor blade, and gives it to Albert the next day. Once his family finds out he stole it, and broke Albert's old one, Albert becomes furious. He tells Pa that he thinks James is annoying and says that he was better off without him, well until Pa reminds Albert by saying something like, "Whoa now, you're lucky that Laura and her sisters didn't feel the same way about you when you were adopted, right?" Unfortunately, James overheard them.

     He decides to run away because he doesn't feel like he fit in anymore. Albert feels guilty, and knew exactly how James felt since he went through the same thing when he was first adopted, so he goes and looks for him. Once he finds him, he tries to convince him to come home, which was hard at first cause James wouldn't listen. Albert says that he'll "run away" with him, which of course sneaky little Albert has a plan ;) He decides to teach James a lesson, that running away and living on your own is hard and lonely, and that it's great having a family that loves you.

     It starts to rain, so they find shelter in a huge, creepy house. An old man offers them a room for the night, but James gets spooked. He runs into Albert's bed, and Albert tells James that it's kinda scary to be alone, and when you run away, you have to take care of yourself. The two brothers start to build a strong bond, and finally James agrees to come back home. His family welcomes him back with open-arms, and James feels loved. This episode is humorous and light-hearted, and is one of my faves. I suggest you watch it with your family, its cute!

 Home Again Parts 1 and 2

     This episode isn't exactly my favorite, but I'll definitely remember it(this is season 9). When Charles moved with his family in the beginning of the series, it was because he wasn't really successful at his crops and farm. But then, he decides to return because of Albert. Once they moved into the city, Albert got involved with a gang, and he changed. He started stealing, and having bad mood swings, he wasn't the sweet Albert at all. 

     Charles decided to take him back to Walnut Grove because he's hoping he'll change. He still causes trouble in Walnut Grove, and at first no one knew why. Until Charles found a type of drug called morphine in Albert's shoe. Albert was a morphine-addict. He confesses to Charles that his "friend" in his gang told him to try it, that it makes you feel really "cool". And once he tried it, he couldn't stop. Charles found out about this 3 months later. Once he found out why his son was acting like that, it was such a relief to him. He could make Albert come back to his old self.

     Though of course, it wasn't easy. Albert kept puking morphine, and stuff was happening to his body that he couldn't control. Matthew Laborteaux did the best acting I ever saw, none of the actors today are THAT good! It felt and looked wayy too real! Like I said, Little House is intense. He was recognized by his acting from this and past episodes, and that's how he was on the 80's show "This is Your Life".(Check the episode out in my site, it's awesome!). Anyway, back to the story, Albert finally stopped taking morphine, and returned to the real Albert Ingalls. This episode was planned out really well, and at the same time it's trying to send out a message. To all teens, kids, adults, everyone...say NO to drugs!! I mean, this episode goes in detail on what happens when you take and get addicted to drugs. Towards the end of this episode Albert says something like this(he's talking to his old class) "So don't be stupid, you've got your whole life to live. Live it well, don't do drugs." Little House is amazing....

 Look Back to Yesterday Parts 1 and 2(Post-movies series)

     This episode(Season 10) is like, the saddest out of all of them! This is my most memorable. I was shocked when I knew what the episode was about. Basically, Albert was gonna graduate high school with a degree for becoming a doctor. Accept not just any doctor, Walnut Grove's doctor! He knew he was gonna get paid less, probably in chickens or eggs, but all he wanted to do was help out the town he loved. 

     From the beginning of this episode, he started suffering from nosebleeds. Except, they didn't make it seem like such a big deal until part 5, when it got worse. He was examined by a doctor in Sleepy Eye, and they found out he had leukemia. He wasn't going to live very long. I couldn't believe it, my favorite character was gonna die! He would've made the best and sweetest doctor in Walnut Grove. He tells Charles that he doesn't want to go back to the rest of the family in the city. Albert wanted to spend his last days at Walnut Grove, the place he loved so much. It was painful to watch, that's for sure. 

     Laura couldn't bring herself to believe that her brother was gonna die, Charles had to literally force her to say it. To let Albert do what he wants, he wasn't going to get better. Now, I'm not usually a softie for movies, I don't tear up so easily cause, well, it's just a movie. This episode actually made me tear up, it's impossible to watch without crying or choking up. AT least they didn't show Albert literally die, they ended it with him climbing a mountain to the Keepsake Tree holding Laura's hand high. He had a lot of determination to climb it, and the part that made me smile(and I remember this line well) was when he smiled and said, "Hurry Laura, we can't let those young'uns catch up to us!" Albert had a really strong heart, he wasn't afraid. This episode teaches people to live everyday as their last, to not make life rush on by. Albert made great memories before he passed on, and it really sucked that he didn't get to make a long stable relationship, that he liked someone, but could never come back. At the end, the sun shines and it shows some ray of hope. That life goes on. In Matthew Laborteaux's interview, he said that when they didn't show him actually die, it was left up to the fans for debate. I'm gonna say that Albert lived on and became a wonderful doctor.  This episode is my most memorable, I will never forget it...or Albert Ingalls! 

 The Last Farewell Parts 1 and 2

     This is the absolute last episode of Little House on the Prairie (*tears*). Well, we all know that it can't keep going on forever, they had to end it somewhere right? This episode first starts off with Charles and Caroline wanting to come back to Walnut Grove for their month-long vacation. On their way their, they meet up with a man named Lassater. They don't know who he is yet, and he doesn't tell them right away. A few days pass with Charles, Caroline, and their daughter Laura and her family. Things seemed normal in Walnut Grove, ahh good times. Little did they know what was gonna come to pass in church on Sunday. 

     It turns out that Lassater and his men owned their land, and they were gonna tell the townspeople how to run it. They had legal documents and everything. Everyone was furious, all their flesh and hard work was put into land that they always thought they owned, and their farms. Lassater and Co. said that they could still live where they were, accept get salaries. That caused outrage! Pretty soon, things were getting out of control. Lassater comes to Almanzo's and Laura's house first, and demands them to either work for salaries or leave. Almanzo takes out a gun and says, "This is my land. I own it. Now get off!". Lassater responds by saying that he gave him no choice but to kick the Wilder's out of their property, and he had until next Friday. Almanzo couldn't take it anymore, he lunged at Lassater, and a fight was on. Well, until Laura picks up the gun, shoots in the air, and yells,"Everybody!! Leave now! I'm warning you!". 

     Walnut Grove was falling, there was absolutely nothing they could do to stop him. Lassater and Co. come on Friday, but the town wasn't going to give up without a fight. They all brought their weapons, and threatened him. Lassater merely laughed and said that he had the US military on his side. A bunch of soldiers start piling around the townspeople. Rev. Alden tries to talk sense into them saying, "Can't we all just sit down and talk about this?". When Lassater refused, he started pleading with the military Chief and said, "Give us till Sunday. It's Easter." The Chief agreed and said they had until Sunday at sun-down. The disappointed residents sulked home. Laura...boy was she MAD! She started screaming about how everything was so unfair, "How could they do this to us??". Almanzo had to hold her down and said that it was alright. He had his turn to let out his anger. Laura had this mischievous little glint in her eye as she spotted the broom. She bashed all the windows in her house, she wasn't gonna live there, and she couldn't care less.

      When Sunday came around, Laura spoke up in church. "Are we just gonna stand there and let them take over OUR town? We have to DO something! You know what I did? I was SO mad, I busted some windows! I wasn't gonna let them have a good house!". John Carter had an idea. He said that he had a whole wagon-load of dynamites...and you can kinda guess what happened from there. Before sun-down, they wrapped the wire all over their houses, and they each took turns exploding their properties. It was a way for them to let go, and to start all over. It was really hard to watch each and every bit of a town that was not only a show, but was millions of fans' second home, get destroyed. Once Lassater shows up(I could hardly wait to see HIM blow up haha), he explodes with fury. He tells the military Chief that he wanted everyone arrested. But the Chief only said, "I can't. What they did isn't illegal."(he was laughing behind Lassater's back). Lassater and Co. not only wanted Walnut Grove, but all the other towns surrounding it as well. The counsels of other towns told him that if he tried taking over their towns, he was gonna get the same outcome. The episode ends when Rev. Alden says, "Did you hear?? Walnut Grove didn't die in vain!". Everyone marches out proudly singing a church song, and the scene ends with a bunch of Easter bunnies hopping around the Little House. 

     So...why did Michael Landon have to end the show with such a "BANG!"? Well first, the series was gonna do a spin-off with Mr. Edwards living in Laura's mansion. But that went poorly, and stopped at the first season. Second, the viewers for Little House were declining. It turned out that the series ran for a long time, and it was getting old. The show was so popular though, that it ran for about 10 years(1974-1983)! Plus, he didn't want his set to be used by other film directors, so he decided to end it with an explosion. Except, he didn't destroy the church or the home because of what it represented to Michael. There's also an interview in 1991 about how the show ended on my website(it's at the homepage if you want to check it out). The world will NEVER forget Little House on the Prairie....


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