Little House on the Prairie Cast

  Little House on the Prairie Cast : A cast is what brings a show together, and they did more than that. Everything they do makes you feel like you're there with them, like it's really happening in front of you.  It was the most incredible acting I've ever seen on TV! This is page is dedicated to the amazing cast!

 Laura Ingalls was played by Melissa Gilbert. She's an amazing actress, and what I like most about her is that she's not afraid to be who she wants to be.She was known as the trouble-maker/tomboy, well, until she grew old enough to get married on set haha. Laura is the main character in this series.

 Melissa Sue Anderson played Mary Ingalls. She's a beautiful character, and is also very talented. She was the oldest of the siblings, and is known as the more "sensible" sister in Little House. 

 Charles Ingalls was played by Michael Landon. He starred as such a loving father, he'd do anything to help out his family. He played his role so well that I don't even have words to express it :D And get this, he was also the producer of Little House! Unfortunetly, he died sometime in 1992 from cancer. But, Michael Landon will never be forgotten. He made such a huge impact on people's lives, to me he's like one of the best directors in Hollywood! He'll always be remembered. 

 Karen Grassle played Caroline Ingalls. She's a very cheerful character, and filled Little House with many sweet moments. Her role was the mother of the Ingalls family, and Charles's wife.

 Carrie Ingalls was played by Lindsey Sydney Greenbush. She too, was a little trouble-maker, or she ran into trouble. Her role was also played well, and she was a cute character.

 Harriet Olson was played by Katherine MacGregor. All I can say is, she made Little House a whole lot more interesting, cause of her character's snooty attitude haha. She acts pretty funny sometimes, especially when she's freaking out. Oh, and she loved to spoil her children. Her character bosses everyone around, but she added some good flavor to the show.

Richard Bull played Nels. Out of all the people, his wife bosses him the most. He's the nicest out of the two, and seemed to understand his children better than his wife. This guy also had a sense of humor of his own, especially sarcasm :D

Alison Arngrim played Nellie Olson. When her character was younger, she was a big bully to Laura and some other kids. She also made the show more fun to watch because she caused the drama.

 (SPOILER ALERT!!!) Allison Balson's character was Nancy Olson. She was adopted by Harriet and Nels when Nellie moved to New York with her husband. Mrs. Olson couldn't stand seeing her daughter go away, that she just HAD to adopt and spoil a new "Nellie". She was like-mother-like-daughter. Nancy(Allison) played her role well as Walnut Grove's new and improved spoiled-brat.

 Jonathan Gilbert was Willie Olson's character. He had a few bratty days when he was younger, but grew out of it as soon as he hit his teens. He was Nellie's younger bro, but Nancy's older bro. His character is more like Nels, the nicer and more understanding one.

 Isaiah Edwards was played by Victor French. He was a gruff, but cheerful character and was a close friend to the Ingalls family. He also helped to produce Little House in a few of the episodes. He was very close with Michael Landon, and they made two amazing directors. He passed on 2 years before Michael Landon did, but he too will never be forgotten. :) 

(SPOILER ALERT!!!) Almanzo Wilder was played by Dean Butler. After all the chasing and charm Laura gave him, he FINALLY fell in love and married her. Laura's nickname for him was "Manly", and his nickname for Laura was "Beth". Definitely made a cute couple :) 

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