Where Are They Now- Little House on the Prairie Cast

 To those of you that grew up watching Little House on the Prairie, ever wonder where some of the stars are now? Some have become successful off screen, some are still currently acting... This page might cure your curiosity.

 Melissa Gilbert Now: (Laura Ingalls) is still "out there", she's still on the radar. Her job titles: Actress, Director, author. She recently wrote a book called Prairie Tale, and is acting in Little House on the Prairie the Musical which is a national tour, playing "Ma-Caroline Ingalls". She currently lives in California.

 Melissa Sue Anderson(Mary Ingalls) currently continues to act, and finds acting roles wherever she can. Her latest work was eTalk Daily in July, 2007. She lives in California.

 Alison Arngrim Now: (Nellie Olson) stars in the recent Confessions of a Prairie ***** in NYC. She currently lives in California, and continues to keep acting.

 Jonathan Gilbert Now: ( Willie Olson) is no longer acting. Instead, he's a successful stockbroker. I think he's in NY now?

Update: Actually, he runs a new theater company in Newport Beach, CA.

 Alison Balson Now: (Nancy Olson) currently works as a singer. Also a songwriter, in 1987, her soundtrack was in the movie Legend of the White Horse.

 Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush Now: (Carrie Ingalls) both live in CA. They both still act, but have different interests. Lindsay works with adults and kids at the Kids Gloves Boxing Studios in Simi Valley, CA. Sidney has her own original line of jewelry and sells it to her fans on her official website. 

 Karen Grassle Now: (Caroline Ingalls) is on and off in acting. She currently lives in California, and in August, 2008 she agreed to be the promotional face of Premier Bathrooms. Some of these commercials are shown today.

 Dean Butler Now: (Almanzo Wilder) is now an executive producer for Peak Moore Enterprises which he founded in 1981. He makes documentaries, and some are bonus features for the Little House on the Prairie DVD sets.

 Just a cool little video of Little House on the Prairie, Where Are They Now.  There's 5 parts total. Enjoy! 

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